DiffAtOnce is the first NMR solution that allows in one single package the calculation of self-diffusion molecular coefficients and hydrodynamic sizes just at once, denaturing a specialist's technique into a more familiar tool available for any chemist.

Would you like to know how to measure diffusion?


Academic / year

200 €

Industrial / year

800 €

Addons on demand / year

100 €

Addons for your NMR calculations

Microfrictional theory

Microfrictional theory is implemented on DiffAtOnce. Wirtz and Chen for different sizes and shapes to help nerds do awesome stuff on the experiments.

Molecular weight prediction

DiffAtOnce was made to not only get self-diffusion coefficient. It is done to predict the molecular weight.


A Viscometer using NMR, a different way and new applications by your own.


Different experiment can be managed to compare the results each other.

Error theory

Which is the error propagate in your experiment? with DiffAtOnce you will know it exactly as well.

Solvent suppression

The spectrum is not as good as you would like, why not suppress the solvent?. DiffAtOnce does it as well.

Do it yourself, NMR easy